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We work with gaming, eSports and tech entrepreneurs, studios, and investors to deliver the best results for their most significant transactions. We support innovators and work with companies that push the boundaries, dramatically changing how people interact. Risk-taking is an essential part of entrepreneurship. We partner with disruptors who have drive and vision.

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Doing What's Right for Founders & Teams

Strategic Value Creation

We work with industry leaders to create and action growth initiatives to increase enterprise value

M&A and Financing

Tailored approach for every engagement.
Support and drive transactions from start to finish

Investment Opportunities

Deep expertise and market knowledge to strategically enhance business models for increased growth and return on investment

Core Areas of Focus

Game Developers & Studios

Content rules and so do the teams that create awesome games -- PC, mobile & console


Enormous market opportunity ready to be captured with new leaders and innovators -- exciting and defining times are ahead

Global Approach

Great gaming & tech companies are everywhere -- our relationships span the world


Unique IP and technical advancement is creating momentum and driving mainstream interest at a larger scale

Gaming Infrastructure

Today's ecosystem requires a smart approach to building and maintaining a massive gaming audience -- profitably


Core disruptor and value creator across all industries -- software is a critical component to today's economy and growth

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Founding Partners

Bringing the Best to the Game

Jim Perkins

Partner | Founder

Jim has been a longtime disruptor and visionary in the games industry, beginning with bringing shareware (early Free2Play) to market with major hits including Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake and Duke Nukem and later an early partner with Epic Games, funding and publishing their first Unreal game. Jim has been at the forefront of many major technology revolutions in gaming by publishing the very first first person shooter games, launching many early successful multiplayer games during the LAN (local area networks) era, growing into today’s online gaming. Jim has been a serial entrepreneur, starting and growing three game companies and structured their successful exits. Additionally he exclusively advised multiple game companies including Digital Extremes (Warframe) and Jagex (Runescape) in their strategic transactions. Jim is also an active investor and strategic advisor to technology companies.

Alina Soltys

Partner | Founder

Alina works with technology and gaming companies with a focus on growth strategies and guidance through an investment or exit process. She has advised companies on over 25 completed M&A transactions globally including companies such as Growtopia on their acquisition by Ubisoft. As a longtime speaker and contributor at GameDaily Connect (formerly Casual Connect), GamesBeat University, and GamesForum, Alina is passionate and experienced in the gaming industry. In her spare time, she is an avid mobile gamer keeping a close pulse on new releases and innovation impacting the industry. Her insights deliver high value for company founders, shareholders and studio teams who are looking to grow the value of their companies.

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